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Concept Project Report.
Initiation of concept and developing project in consultation with the client.
Detailed Project Report.
Formulating and elaborating the scope of work based on the various inputs that are required for the understanding the project and define the accurate scope of work.
Architectural Design.
Based on the need of the project, preparing and developing the detailed working architectural drawings, elevations, sections, perspectives, isometric, cut sections, walk through and physical models.
Structural Design.
Making the architect’s dreams come true by providing the sound, safe and economical structural design within the purview of the Indian standards and sound engineering practice.
Bill of Quantities.
Working out the estimate of each items in detail.
Market analysis.
Carrying out the market analysis for accuracy of the overall project cost.
Tender draft, issue and comparative statement.
Prepare tender based on the departmental general conditions, special conditions, technical specifications and schedule. Helping department setting the prequalification criteria and preparing the comparative analysis for selection of contractor for the execution of work.
Construction Supervision & Project Management.
Assistance, guidance and advice to the client, quality control, implementation of scheduled activities, ensuring safety, contract management, issue of interim & final report, payment certificate and closing of project.
Feasibility Study and Design of Bridge.
Site inspection, preliminary design, finalisation of general arrangement of bridge & structural scheme. Detailed engineering investigation, detailed structural design, detailed structural drawings, quantity calculation, specification, tender document.
Proof Checking of Structural Design.
Review of detailed design, design for alternative structural scheme, review of drawings, approval of design & drawings.
Repair & Rehabilitation.
Site inspection, detailed structural condition survey by visual & non-destructive methods, finalisation of rehabilitation scheme, design, detailed execution drawings, specification & bid documents preparation.